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AUG 2-6

Irresistible Influence

We will attempt to stream our meetings live on our YouTube channel and here on this site, however the availability of internet access at the meeting location has not been verified. If we cannot stream live, we will be uploading the recorded video afterwards.

Check the archives for recordings from previous meetings!

And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself.

John 12:32

As we are drawn by Christ's Irresistible Influence, He changes us to reflect His influence to those around us. "A true, unselfish, godly life carries an almost irresistible influence."

Christ's Object Lessons, p340

Each year GYC West hosts a young adult retreat to gain strength in the faith, network safely with like-minded believers, and seek a closer communion with our Father. For 2023 the theme is "Irresistible Influence." More details about this event and the theme will come soon.

Join us in 2023 to come away from your work and routines and seek revival together.

This year's GYC West is being held at Albion Field Station, mere walking distance from the Pacific ocean.

34000 Albion St, Albion, CA 95410

A note about GPS: Google Maps has been proven accurate, however the last bit where you drive off of Highway 1 onto Albion Ridge Rd then onto Albion St can be a little difficult to see - it caught many of us the first time! When you turn off of Highway 1, pull into the parking lot you see in front of some small storefronts. Off the north-east end of the lot are two rough roads, the right fork is the one you are looking for - you'll see a little blue-on-white sign for the Albion Field Station. We'll have GYC West signage out where possible.

Expect temperatures in the 50° to 70° range, with refreshingly moist ocean winds and lots of sun.


Please note that this schedule is not comprehensive. Attendees please consult the booklet provided to you at the sign-in booth for the detailed schedule.

Event schedule

Coming soon!

Pricing and site notes

Until April registration is $45 per person for the whole event. Afterwards it will be $65 per person. Meals and lodging are priced separately. Children are less, see the registration page.

Registration is $65 per person for the whole event. Meals and lodging are priced separately. Children are less, see the registration page.

Registration is closed.

Those who want to just come up Sabbath, please register for the weekend - even if you don't want to stay the night. Also please pre-purchase meals prior to the start of Sabbath or supply your own meals for that time.

Parking is very limited, so please carpool where possible.

Expect mountain trail hiking, so pack what you'll need for it - especially water.

Please be aware that we will be recording and photographing our events, so please dress modestly.

Social Media

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