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JUNE 20-24

Higher, be an example

A GYC West local concert

, at Sacramento Central SDA Church.

Featuring beautiful music by some amazing young adults from Northern and Central California, this event is something you don't want to miss!

Reviving the Right Arm

The Practice of Physical and Mental Health

GYC West 2018 Main Event

Rico Hill

Dean Cullinane

Narlon Edwards

Jared Thurman

Chef Chew

GYC West is excited to present this year’s conference where we will dig into practical hands-on experience in combining health with the good news: the gospel whole. This year we are concentrating more on doing - less on talking about doing.

Engage with us and this year's speakers as together with God all of us bring the right arm of the gospel, heath minitry, back to life and into action.

- Registration opens

- Evening Plenary

- Small Groups

- Exercise Event

- United Prayer

- Morning Plenary

- Session 1: Mental Health

- Session 2: Health Food Work part 1

- Exhibits and Prayer

- Session 3: Natural Remedies

- Session 4: Health Food Work part 2

- Evening Plenary with Rico Hill

- Fruition Lab with Jared Thurmon

- Exercise Event

- United Prayer

- Morning Plenary

- Session 5: CHAT Rico Hill and Jared Thurmon

- Outreach Training

- Outreach

- Evening Plenary with Rico Hill

- United Prayer

- Morning Plenary

- Sabbath School with Jared Thurmon

- Devine Service

- Nature Time Social Event

- Evening Plenary with Rico Hill

- Small Groups

- Exercise Event

- United Prayer

- Cleanup! We need your help!

That Your way may be known on earth, Your salvation among all nations.

Psalm 67:2

This year's GYC West is being held at Weimar College.

20601 W Paoli Ln, Weimar, CA 95736

Be sure to bring an active mind, your Bible, and notepaper as this year's content is designed to bring you not only closer to our Savior, but also to give you the tools you need to become a strong worker for Him at your home and at your church.

Our outreach is planned to be practical and hands-on, so please come dressed and prepared to dig in and work!

Please be aware that we will be recording and live streaming our events and dress modestly.